Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dog Days.

Inka is the perfect posing prop. She can make ANY photo into something you stop and look at. But for her hard work shooting for Call Me Lucille, she needs rewarding with her favourite place. Elvaston Castle. 
Who knew our walk would turn into a photo shoot itself? 
Inka's decision, not mine.

She just cannot help herself, I'm sure she thinks she is the Queen.

You can't see as I have cleverly cropped it out, but in the above shot Inka had her head in my handbag. 

Outfit details;
Cardigan; Vintage Fair
Dungarees; Tara Starlet
Wellies; Hunter Laced Ankle Boots in Maroon.

I have to refrain daily from squeezing the life out of her due to her high levels of cuteness. 

Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. Adorable! Thank God for furry friends <3

  2. Oh my, this post is full of fabulousness! Inka is a little poppet and I adore the picture of her on the steps!

  3. Inka is so very cute, love her!

    Also, your dungarees, fabulous! Where did you get them? xx

  4. I love the last picture! Also, I second the dungarees comment; where on earth are they from? x

  5. Amazing photos! Inka is SOO CUTE!

  6. Gorgeous photos of you both - those dungarees are fabulous.

  7. I love those dungarees, the top has a lovely neck, I think I may just have to pop to tara starlet and buy some!
    Love Lil x

  8. soooo adorable! <3
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  9. OMG, as I lived about a mile from Elvaston Castle when I was growing up, I used to go there all the time as a kid. It's especially lovely at this time of year.

    Do you live nearby?

  10. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. Hannah, I live in Breaston, which is 10 mins drive away from Elvaston Castle. I love it there!

    Lucille xx.

  11. Those are very cute dungarees! What wonderful style you have. I'm dressing up in 60s Biba in my latest post, just started blogging, do come say hello!


  12. These photos are marvelous.
    Inka looks so cute in that plaid sweater and you look like a vintage doll :)
    Your blog is so much fun.

    Your blogging sister, Connie :)