Thursday, 28 April 2011

How to; hair rat.

What the devil is a hair rat, I hear you ladies ask. WELL a hair rat is a form of padding made out of your own hair. Collected from hair brushes and combs, and then stored in a zip lock bag until you have enough required. Your locks can then be transferred to a hairnet (preferbaly the same colour as your hair) and then be rolled, squeezed and tweaked into shape and then sewn to secure it. For 40's faux bangs, a sausage shape is required. For 60's beehives, a flatter more 'puffy' shape is required. Tailor it to your hairstyle!!

In the good old days, thick hair was seen as a real sign of beauty, and hair rats were extremely popular between the less gifted thinner-haired women. styles to add an extra oommph to hair styles. Those who are not put off by using your old shed hair, can use it to re-create old fashioned and truly authentic styles quickly and cheaply. Using your own hair has many advanages; it's cheap, eco friendly and if, heaven forbid, your hairstyle did slip a little, your hair pad will be hardly noticable!

Yes, you can buy hair rats made from foam, but these tend to give a finish which is too rigid, and not authentic.

Hair rats do not need to be washed that ofen, but if they do become a little greasy, soak them gently in warm water and shampoo and leave to dry throughly  before storing.

If your hair does not shed fast enough, and you simply can't wait, you can use extensions that match your colour to pad out your hair rat.
Tease out your hair with a tail comb.
Squeezin' and tweekin' hair into shape.

And there you have it, a must for any gal wishing to re-create some of the best vintage 'dos.
I have used the padding to puff out the top of my beehive for todays look.

Love as always, Lucille x
Psssst I'm working on a tutorial for the 'do pictured above so stay tuned dolls!


  1. I have a little hair collection too. My fella thinks its minging! The dog tried to steel it and eat it!

    But its just impossible to find synthetic in ginger!

  2. I've been teaching all my gal pals about hair rats. They all think it's gross but they are amazing. It can't be that gross, it came from your head!

  3. This is so cool. I'm surprised I never heard of it. I always thought "ratting" was just teasing and nothing else. I need all the help I can get with my fine hair, thanks so much for sharing!! I will definitely start ratting!! :)

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