Friday, 21 December 2012

Playing swapsies.

Being an independent women, ( I've always wanted to be one of those ever since I first heard of Destiny's Child) in business, it's been great befriending other sisters who are doing it for themselves. Okay, I'm going to stop quoting lyrics.
But seriously, it's wonderful to surround yourself with talented people, because you can do swapsies! Much better than the playground ones, our swapsies involve very important handmade things!

My first of hopefully many swapsies with BooBoo Kitty Couture went very well indeed.  

Let me show you what I got out of our little deal.....

...A full circle skirt adorned with Olives & Sunflowers. How very mediterranean! 
I can tell you, it feels very special wearing something made specifically for you, there's an added excitement everytime you imagine somebody sitting down and creating your beautiful garment from scratch. Considiring that my skirt started out life as....ssshhh....a table cloth! Boo Boo you genius!
Outfit Details;
Top - Mode Merr
Shoes - Hobbs

No that I had my skirt in hand, I needed to create my side of the swapsie.....

A hair do!

Catching a glimpse of gold in her studio, Boo Boo Kitty showed me the gown that she would be wearing that evening to a Festive party. She needed me to make her hair as marvellous as her outfit. Handmade by herself I may add!
I was in my element creating this Beehive for her. It's proved a very popular style on my instagram and Lucille's Locks page!

So if you too are an independant self employed lady (or man) and would love to play swapsies with me, then you know where I am!!

Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. The hair-do is absolutely phenomenal! You are so clever!! Sadly, I'm a teacher, so unless you need grammar lessons, no swapsies for me :(

  2. That hair is PERFECTION. And the circle skirt is adorable...not a bad trade on either side! :)

  3. Gorgeous hair!!! Do you put a rat in to get the height or is that teasing?

  4. I also swap hair for things! It's such a fantastic system, non? PS you do fabulous things with hair, very inspiring. Love yours as well!

  5. Oh my, the fabric of that skirt is to die for. Yes, it does remind me of olive tree orchards in Italy. You are a genius with hair, I can't decide who got the better end of the deal, the skirt and hair are just both so amazing. And the hairstyle is vintage to a new level :D

  6. I have been admiring your hair dos on instagram! The skirt fits you perfectly xxx

  7. I love this photos! Great hair :)

  8. What a lovely outfit, you look very gorgeous! love the skirt with the tiny waist, and that hairdo is incredible. Wishing you a merry and well dressed christmas!

  9. That skirt is adorable and looks great on the shoes.and boo boo kittys hair looks lovely.I would love to do a swap with you.

  10. That skirt looks amazing on you and these hairstyles are gorgous! So vintage chic!

    <3 Vega

  11. I'd say you both did incredibly well from the deal - incredible 'do and gorgeous skirt. Swapsies is such a great idea :)

    Ruby xx

  12. I simply adore your free spirit :)
    Merry Christmas
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  13. Thank you for all your lovely comments!

    Lucille xx.