Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pulling the wool over my eyes.

Can you remember that top I have been waiting for to go with that skirt?
Well Christmas came and went in a flurry of wine guzzling during the day and Scrabble during the evenings, bringing me more than I was ever hoping for. 
Maybe Santa thought I had been working hard this year??!

Anyway I had to wait until lunchtime to unwrap my knitted gifts. Indeed my Grandma/Curator was more excited for me to unleash my magnificant mustard jumper than I was!

Take a look at what I have on my feet. I thought I could only dream of these boots. But much to my utter glee, my Mum bought me these for Christmas.
 A chunky 1940's heel in brown leather with a leopard fur trim?? I'm telling you, Miss L Fire has some sort of mind reading power. 

My little foxy fella from Tatty Devine got woken from his slumber deep inside my jewellery box. He's been in there pretty much since I got him last Christmas. 
Mustard on mustard, have you cottoned on I'm in love with the colour mustard?

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Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. oh my goodness, so perfect!!


  2. This is just the cutest outfit, and I love that most of your outfit was created from thoughtful family gifts. The 40s fur trim shoes are divine. And your fox brooch - too cute! Blessings for the New Year!

  3. That jumper is beyond fabulous, your grandma is one amazing lady!

  4. this little sweater is just perfect. i love everything about it!
    if i'd be loval for sure i'd be alread a client. ;)

  5. I adore the sweater! I want one like it now.

  6. What wonderful Christmas gifts! That sweater is just perfection!


  7. Just lovely!!

    The Fictionista

  8. What a perfect outfit!!!!
    This handmade sweater is just perfect for this skirt...
    I have the same boots and they are gorgeous, it's so hard to find retro style boots with a true vintage look!
    You little dog is so cute!

  9. That jumper is so pretty.perfect match with your skirt.Just love those booties.very classy.and inka is always adorable.please give her a squeeze from me.xx

  10. The colour and style are so lovely, must get on with knitting myself some vintage style wear.

  11. Such a perfect outfit!
    I've been coveting those booties for so long now - they're truly perfect. And the brooch is a lovely touch.
    Happy 2013 lovely :) x

  12. Your blog is crazy cute! I love your outfit in this post--the yellow looks great on you, and those booties are amazing!


  13. Oh that jumper is just fantastically amazing! I think that I might just try my hand at one just like it.

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