Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Marcel Wave Tutorial.

Well my lovelies, you are in for a treat this morning. I have realised that you have seen many many photos of me and my locks and I haven't even shared with you how I achieve my styles. How mean am I?
To make up for it, here is what I hope is an easy tutorial for the Marcel Wave, which I know is a few ladies nemesis. When it's done well, it's one of my favourite styles! Here goes.....

Here is what you will need:

 Like all styles, this will work better on day old hair. Here is my long fringe, this however will work on shorter fringes. It has been roughly blow dried as my hair tends to be quite frizzy. Take an oval section at the front starting from temple to temple. Fill up your spray bottle with cold water. You can mix a teeny bit of setting lotion in with the water if your hair is stubborn.

You will be splitting your section at the front into 4. Take your first section, spray, hold up and roll downwards following the arrow. Pin in place either using kirby grips or flat pin curl clips. If you are sleeping in your set, kirby grips would best.

Take your second section, spray, hold down and roll up, following the arrow and pin. Alternating the direction you roll your pin curls is what determines your marcel wave. Your third section you will be rolling the same way as you did on your first section.

All done!
The arrows show which direction in which the pincurls have been rolled.

I'm sleeping in my set, so it's on with a headscarf for the rest of my hair and I will see you all in the morning!

Once you have carefully taken out your pins, brush out the curls with a soft bristle brush. With a comb, push into your fringe and push towards your parting. You will start to see the wave appear. Once the wave is appearing, use your wave clips and 'grab' the wave. In other words, make sure the clip is grabbing the ridge that is appearing. Follow all the way down to the end of the section.
Leave the clips in place for 10 minutes, take out, then spray.

 I really hope this tutorial was helpful to y'all and would love to hear feedback. Let me know if it works for you!

Love as always, Lucille xx

Friday, 12 July 2013

On the road...

The beauty of being a mobile Hair Stylist is that I am free to roam where my stocking-ed feet will drive me. You have all now been introduced to the Lucille's Locks mobile salon, all colour co-ordinated obviously!! It's pretty fun visiting different people's humble abodes, but it's an even better day when I can work in the surroundings of a Charity-come-Vintage shop.

One day last week I set up shop in a small corner with beautiful dressing tables, 50's cabinets and tea sets keeping me company- heaven knows how they didn't all come home with me!

I was there for the opening of Nottingham's newest go-to place for Vintage and Retro furniture; Sue Ryder. Most of my pieces at home were from another branch of Sue Ryder, so I fear I may be back sharpish. Unfortunately I was rather late enquiring about the baby pink hood dryer they had in the window....

The Mayor of Nottingham came to open the whole she-bang and expressed great interest in the 40s and 50s tea sets, a lady with great taste!

Hey Ladies, the salon is open!

Here are a few examples of some of the styles I created on the day. Well, I had to make sure the lovely staff had a 'do to match their lovely surroundings!

I couldn't leave without taking home a little something from my day, so here is me putting my 50's bowls to good use in the garden.

Here is the Sue Ryder Goosegate shop's facebook page. Make sure you local lasses pay them a visit!

Love as always, Lucille xx

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pretty pleases.

I have decided to enter this years 'Miss Twinwood' pageant, and could realllly do with y'all help for me to win. 1st prize includes a Champagne tea at The Ritz and I would love to take my Mum there for girl time!!
Below is the picture I have submitted, note Inka's presence, she insisted she was included. I thought it was only fair as I know she has alot of fans from Call Me Lucille too!

All you have to do is visit the Twinwood facebook here click like on my mug and give the Twinwood page a like too.
Good luck to the rest of the gals who are taking part, there are some stunners who I am up against.
Thank you in advance, I'm already working on an outfit for Twinwood if I make the top ten!!

Love as always, Lucille xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Weekend in Havana.

I'm going to hold Carmen Miranda responsible for my fixation with Brazilian/Mexican/Spanish fillies. After all, Carmen was the Lady who introduced me to the world of dressing up. You see, I love a woman who can keep one entertained with an outfit without even having to open her mouth.

As I was adding the finishing flourishes to the days hairstyle, I found myself glancing over at the Pin Up I had stuck to my mirror. I studied the sequins stitched to the frills of her dress, the elaborate floral earrings and the roses that complimented her dark curls. I couldn't help but feel inspired to dress like a SeƱorita for the weekend.

Sequinned bull fighter circle skirt and green carved wedges. The perfect ensemble for sipping Margaritas on the patio. I'm in the mood for making Burritos....

I sewed pom poms onto my black gypsy style dress and wore loosely off my shoulder, clipped on earrings a flamenco dancer would be proud of and sat within the flowers.

A weekend in Havana was so very enjoyable, I shall return very soon!

Love as always, Lucille xx

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Our Striped Summer.

Y'all know that I Inka is usually accessorised to match whatever ensemble I have on, even to go to the shops! But on a sunny day last week, I went a step further and accessorised my boyfriend to match my outfit. Now, I would love to say that this happens on a regular basis, but you don't wanna see me wearing a plaid shirt and black slacks do you?! I can't wait for the day he gets round to ordering some Freddies of Pinewood dungarees so we can mooch around and be denim buddies!

Striped top (Me) - Collectif
Striped top (Him) - Primark

Love as always, Lucille xx

Monday, 22 April 2013

Pink Lady.

My regular Lucille's Locks clients have been well aware of my growing obsession for a while. With each appointment they see a new piece of kit upgraded in shade 'cotton candy'. And if I can't find it in pink, I'll opt for second best; leopard print. After whipping out my shiny new leopard print clippers, I looked down to the pinny where I keep my scissors and had an thought. 'Oh dear, this apron is black. Not pink'. I knew exactly what needed to be done, I caved and sent BooBoo Kitty Couture a message with strict instructions regarding work uniform. Basically the message just contained three words; 
1. Pink 2. Leopard Print 3. Pinny.
And god damn, the girl delivered. A dream in cotton form, with added pockets.

For custom orders do yourself a favour and contact BooBoo Kitty Couture.

From then on I was determined to take my colour scheme to the next level. Clients loved it when I slipped on my apron, gowned them up in my leopard print cape and cut, styled, dried their locks with various pink tools. I was on a roll, housing everything in the Queen of trollies.

Welcome to the Lucille's Locks mobile! She has been on the road for a while now, serving the good women (and men) of the midlands on a day to day basis. Please note, I did put in plenty of time searching for a leopard print car to match. Alas I settled for bubblegum blue.

The pink thing has even subconsciously filtered through into my appointments. My days consist of mixing various shades of pink, cerise, lilac in my baby pink bowls. All these colours look good enough to eat!
Take a peek at the ladies I have turned into candyfloss over the last few weeks. I'm blessed to have clients who have been taken over by the same pink thing as I have!

Love as always, Lucille xx