Thursday, 8 November 2012

Otto Urban Poncho Review.

So, you know that Nottingham Classic Bike Ride I attended? I have finally (sorry it took a while Otto and Julien!) gotten round to photographing my prize for the best dressed lady.
Until this bike ride I had never even contemplated wearing anything sensible to cycle. Heaven above! You should all know by now that I don't do practical. Only because I find waterproof jackets the most repulsive pieces of clothing ever. So when I went online to claim my booty, I was introduced to a range of fashionable waterproofs I never knew existed before!

Otto London are a company specialising in making Ladies and Gents look dapper on their cycles. I chose a light grey from their 'Urban' range. I did find myself considering a custom made poncho, where you have the option to add a Cashmere or Wool Lining. Just imagine, tartan. On a bike!!
(Check out their client gallery for streetwear inspiration!)

The best thing I discovered about the poncho (discovered during posing) is the straps underneath the poncho, cleverly designed to fit through your handlebars, spreading the poncho over your knees and your vintage cycle. And more importantly, it has a hood, that has passed the 'staying up whilst cycling test'!
I will never freeze, be soggy, or resemble a drowned rat upon my Brooks saddle ever again now Otto is in my life!

Thank yous to Otto London for your kind donation of the Poncho and Julian Bentley, Chief cycle organiser! They are both doing such good things, and Otto Infact, Julien is getting ready to host another Classic Ride in Nottingham on the Sunday 18th November. If you are local, check out their Facebook and pedal down!

Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. You look lovely, I too, do not dress practically, whats the fun in that? Hahahah! However, that waterproof is very lovely, something I'd never thought I would say about a waterproof, but this one if so nice, it deserves another title rather than "waterproof". You deserved to win, you look very glam on your vintage cycle, good luck for next time,
    Love Lil x

  2. Love your look and the make up... great photos.. really glamarous! xMarina

  3. Ooh now I want a tartan cape. The best thing about capes is that you can pretend to be a superhero (works best on windy days) hahaha. You look lovely!

    Ruby xx

  4. Aah you look divine, I always tend to cycle in ridiculously impractical outfits, i.e. petticoats. But the poncho is so chic! xxx

  5. You look adorable, that poncho is just awesome! And i like your amazing hairstyle ! XX

  6. That cape looks fabulous! If only I could master cycling in a dress :/ you look lovely and your dog is adorable!

  7. I am in love with your bicycle! The wicker basket is lovely! :)