Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rouge, Blanc & Bleu.

I don't feel like I'm making enough effort by throwing on the first red and blue dress I see for this weekends celebrations. For me it's all about the details and I enjoy taking things up a level. I'm interested in what you can do with your hair. (As always!) I am already aware of how many rouge, blanc and bleu items hang in my wardrobes- the three colours appear to be favourites!!  My mission is to find appropriate hair/head pieces to impress Ol' Queenie.

Flowers; Asda.

I've worn these flowers constantly on the run upto the Jubilee and will continue to wear them after the celebrations. They're super swish.

Now, in the next few images, you will see that my blonde stripe has morphed into a strip of new colour, resembling candy floss. What do you think? I'm planning on keeping it for a while, then changing it to a mint green. The white blonde served me well, and acts as a great base to apply new pastel colour to whenever I chose! 
Now back to Jubilee hats.

I salute you HRM!

Shirt; Freddies of Pinewood
Trousers; VOH

Everytime I wear this Beret my Dad always asks, 'Do you know that your hat has shrunk in the rain?'

Dress; Bettie Page.
Beret; Re-made from a large Beret originally from Primark.

For all you outfit lovers, I've included some details of this weekends wares.

   Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. I love the second hat - its beautiful!!
    Sam x

  2. absolutely gorgeous. these hair pieces add some new to the classic red white and blue theme. mint green hair sounds like fun!

  3. I adore that blue and white hat- adorable!

  4. How cute are you! :) Love the hair colours! :) x

  5. I just love the hats and your hair :)

  6. I love the little red beret! :)