Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pooch Portrait.

Inka has been taken on holiday for a week. A walking 'holiday' in Wales. Not my idea of fun, but I guess for a lil ol' dog it will be totes-apropes. 
While she has been away, I have been pining for her. I've missed her sitting next to me when I'm getting ready in the morning, I've missed prancing about the village in matching scarves blah, boo, sob.
SO, for her return tonight I have bought something in which I know she will jump about on her little tippy toes for........Her very own Victorian portrait!

I had found a service on Etsy a few months ago, where you can send in photos of your prized pooch (or cat, mouse, duck...) and they will then be transformed into a sepia keepsake.
The wonderful and very sweet lady behind Digital Dogs, Cindy Jererll told me that Inka 'insisted on wearing something of mine'....which doesn't surprise me!! And when I received the photo I spotted straight away my Jubilee Flower (worn in my previous post). And if you look very closely, Inka has her own little swirl in her white tufty top. It's amazing.
Cindy sent me two portraits. The one below, Inka is wearing my 40's specs, which were also swiped from my blog. 

Inka is going to love me forever.

A few favourites from the Digital Dogs Etsy page. 

Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. Hah that is so sweet, inka is adorable! x

  2. That is awesome and hilarious!

  3. Heeee......tempted to get one done for Winston looking suitably statesmanlike - I think he'd rock a monocle!!!

  4. Oh my goodness how cute is she.Just love the portraits.I will have to get jettas done.xx

  5. Oh thank you for that great tip, now I have the perfect present for my mothers birthday!

  6. Beautiful pics!! It's nice!!

  7. That is seriously amazing!

    This akes me want a kitty cat even more...I can just imagine such a wonderful portrait hanging pride of place above my mantle! xx

  8. It´s soooo funny! ^-^
    You have a really nice and inspirating blog, dear!
    xoxo from Munich