Sunday, 15 January 2012

I've got most of me covered baby!

If you read my previous post, you'd be aware of the challenge I have set myself for the next few months. 15 days in and I'm not slippin'. I'm not leaving the house today, so this is my inside outfit. A couple weeks ago I'd be swanning around in a lace vest and bed shorts if I was staying inside. I'm much warmer and less goose pimpled nowadays and just as glamorous!

Stockings underneath my Tara Starlet Leopard Capris, CHECK! Vest top underneath my Lady K Loves black glitter sweater, CHECK!

If any of you gurrls have any tips on staying cosy, send em my way!

    Love as always, Lucille xx.


  1. Love the outfit, especially the shoes. ^^

  2. You look amazing! I don't really have any tips for looking glamorous and warm. I don't have any heat so I'm always bundled up under my Snuggie in front of my space heater lol. I really love your outfit, especially your shoes :)

    Mabel Time

  3. lovely outfit! you look gorgeous! <3 :]

  4. Petticoats are brilliant at trapping lots of air for super-insulated cosy derrières. Also cashmere is darn expensive but really does keep one cosy without adding lots of bulky layers. Damart do great old lady slips in warm fabrics to give an extra secret layer of warmth under pretty frocks. I also use big woolly over-the-knee socks over stockings.

    Can you tell I grew up in a house without central heating?!

  5. This look suits you so much, and I'm a big fan of staying cosy! A circulation disorder (named Reynaud's PHENOMENON, no less) means that I'm always wrapping up warm. As granny-ish as they are, I can't resist a nice pair of woolly tights under a circle skirt! xx

  6. Oh you look simply fabulous, you always have the best trousers! I have no tips I tend to end up looking like a bag lady as I do not have a winter or summer wardrobes just lots of inappropriate dresses that I add or take away layers! x

  7. Soo adorable! Love the pants.


  8. There is nothing about this picture I am in love with.