Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Your biggest fan.

I knew the postman was arriving, as Inka had stirred from her snooze and was howling at the back door. I have to admit, I had forgotten what I had ordered. (Doing most of my shopping on the internet I never know what will be arriving!)
Though my brain kicked in when I saw the 'Pin Up Parade' ribbon on my maroon parcel, it's my new skirt!!
I first spotted this fancy fan Bettie Page skirt on Pin Up Parade a few months ago and with Christmas presents to buy I begrudgingly pushed it to the back of my mind. It was only until I was rearranging my wardrobe that I realised I am slightly lacking on winter skirts. (I'm lacking on winter clothes in general!) This one definitely fits my winter specifics....thick, heavy material, plenty of it and dark colours to pair with furs and sweaters.

Ok, I know I am not really dressed for winter on my top half, and I'm risking breaking my new years resolution! I am always complaining that I am cold and spend November-February hunched over trying to keep warm so my N.Y.R is to dress APPROPRIATELY. This is not a word I am familiar with, so I promise that for the next few months while the weather is still chilly, every outfit post will be wintery, not compromising  on glamour and most importantly it will keep my goose-pimpled body warm and toasty!
I swear, this is going to be harder than it sounds!

   Love as always, Lucille xx.


  1. Really nice pattern!!! I think that winter clothes are a problem for all vintage lovers. It's easier to find light vintage coton dresses than heavy wool dresses!

  2. Beautiful skirt! and the coat makes up for the summery top hah x

  3. I love this skirt, it is absolutely gorgeous. And, as for staying warm, you just need to find some great sweaters so you can layer.

  4. That dress is so cute.I think the top looks nice with it.What a lovely purchase.

  5. I was considering buying that skirt and after seeing it on you... it looks GORGEOUS.

  6. Which shade is your skirt, it is hard to tell in the pic. Is it the grey or the green?

  7. LOVE that skirt! I've been eyeing it off myself too, may just have to get it when it's winter where I live! Doesn't Bettie Page make the lovliest clothing?

  8. I saw that skirt online and I wanted it. I didn't get it, but it's so pretty! Stay warm!!!!! :)

    Mabel Time

  9. I'm glad you all love my skirt as much as me! I went for the grey option, it's a lovely light grey.
    The dark green one is just as special!
    Love as always, Lucille x.

  10. Where do you live? Excuse me for asking, but poorly in English and I'm from Poland. I follow you.

  11. I've gone to buy this skirt SO many times, but every time I talk myself out of it. Maybe I'll finally buy it - it looks so lovely on you!


  12. Oh I love that skirt! My best friend has it, but I think I am going to get myself one any way!
    Keep warm- it's hot down here!
    x Molly