Thursday, 9 May 2013

Our Striped Summer.

Y'all know that I Inka is usually accessorised to match whatever ensemble I have on, even to go to the shops! But on a sunny day last week, I went a step further and accessorised my boyfriend to match my outfit. Now, I would love to say that this happens on a regular basis, but you don't wanna see me wearing a plaid shirt and black slacks do you?! I can't wait for the day he gets round to ordering some Freddies of Pinewood dungarees so we can mooch around and be denim buddies!

Striped top (Me) - Collectif
Striped top (Him) - Primark

Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. Thats so cute! I am really loving stripes right now!

  2. That playsuit. I am in love with it! And you know, you're absolutely gorgeous. And look like a vintage barbie doll! I am a fan of yours(:

  3. You both look adorable, loving the spotted bloomers!

  4. I've matched my hubby's outfit with my little boy's and I managed to match my 5 week old little girls outfit to mine when I went to the theater the other night with her in tow, but you have seriously inspired me to try and get the whole family in on the act!

    I love your matching stripy outfits. They are so cute ~ in fact, I had to blog about them and I linked up to you. I hope you don't mind. :D

    bonita of Depict This!

  5. Loving the matching outfits! I have a striped top on my list! :)

    Inka looks fabulous as always - love your hairstyle

    Much Love


  6. Damn, I love vintage!!!! Cute pictures!

    Can we be blog friends? I started to follow you. feel free to follow back on

  7. You two look adorable.Inka still looks cute even if she isn't wearing stripes.x

  8. Love it! x

  9. love the stripes! you both look stripylicious.

  10. This striped skirt is SPLENDID !!!!

  11. you are rad