Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I saw the light.

Lately I have been doing quite well selling some unwanted garments. Most of them were spur-of-the-moment-purchases, you know how it is. 
Now, I can be pretty ruthless. When I am on a ebay fix, no dress is safe. Not even super freakin' amazing ones like the one I am sporting in the photos below. 
Luckily my Mum pointed out my stupidity from banishing this ORIGINAL I may add dress to my 'sell' pile. 
 Sacrilege! It even has a bowtie on it for goodness sake!
I really don't know what I was thinking, I must have had a moment where the urge to sell EVERYTHING took over. So to prove to myself how marvellous this dress still is, I'm going to wear it for the whole week. 
(I'm kidding, that wouldn't make a very interesting blog!!)

I'm now holding onto anything Original, how could I let a piece of history be lost in a moment of madness??

Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. That dress is too adorable to sell. I rarely sell off my personal vintage items because I know I will never see anything like them again. At least not at the price I paid for them!!

  2. I'm an Ebay terror too! Love the dress and hair!

  3. Lol, I know what you. The other day I had top stop myself selling and was like ... wait i lve those clothes haha



  4. Ha ha! I too am on a mission with Ebay and Etsy and nothing is safe!! Realised that over the years I have quite probably spent a sizeable house deposit on clothes. Now I need a house more than the clothes, so the mission continues.

    You should link to your ebay so we can have a nose!

    Glad you're saving this one though...

    Miss P xx

  5. I agree with your mum, don't let it go, its so pretty and probably not many of them still about...

  6. Love that dress.I decided to get rid of dresses and shoes I don't wear.Sometimes I buy stuff cuz I go over board.lol.Inka is so adorable.I love her cute poses and want to give her a snuggle.xx

  7. That dress is far too unique and too beautiful to sell. You must keep it.

  8. Thank goodness for mothers! That dress is fabulous and you look striking in it with your red and pink hair! Good call.

  9. this post makes me sad ... i'd love to get my hands on this gorgeous dress! ;))))
    your mum did it right. this dress is a real treasure and it looks fabulous on you!


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