Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My most recent escapades...

For those who don't know what I do when I'm not posing in my Vintage finery or snapping cute photos of my dog, I work at Bella Me. A specialised Vintage Salon, run by a Lady who has the same love for Vintage Hairstyling as me. It's an amazing job, sometimes it doesn't really feel like work at all and working with like minded people is always so refreshing. Lately we have been run off our peep-toes, attending a number of events we have been invited to, all vintage ones of course. The photo above was taken at a Vintage evening hosted by Eden Bea, selling sparkles of all descriptions all set in a glorious Art Deco pub, with original décor remaining throughout!

A quick snap with burly Rose-Desire and the fabulous lady behind Boo Boo Kitty Couture.

Another event we were styling folks hair at, held at the Black Cherry Lounge in Nottingham. I made sure I was all seamed up, Dita style for the event and we managed to catch all of the show. The line-up was fantastic- Missy Malone, Ivy Wilde and Flixx Demontrant, a bouylesque-r. I've never seen boylesque, but boy, it was good!! 

This morning snap was taken by our local weather girl. Trailing my jubilee hair arrangement, Lucy Kite was so impressed, I was invited into her sweet little garden so she could pap me. I was more than happy about the whole affair, this lady happens to have THE most beautiful cottage in the village. 

I got the photos back from Bella Me's first photoshoot for our April advertising. Yours truly was an Easter bunny for the day! Although it was suprisingly tiring, I enjoyed being in the studio and am making an effort to get more modelling work.....infact I'm off to a Vintage shoot with Apple Pie Photography as soon as I finish typing! 

Photo acknowledgements;

Eden Bea Vintage Event, Paul Carroll
Bella Me Easter Advertising, Sid Thomson

   Love as always, Lucille xx.


  1. All these photos are just wonderful! I lust after all your beautiful hair styles. Hope you're having fun at your shoot!


  2. I'm sure the reality must be very frantic and tiring, but you make your life look so effortlessly glam!

  3. LOVE love LOVE all the photos and marvelous hair dos <3

  4. You are perfect for such a 'job' I love your hair! I hope you have/had fun at the shoot! :) Zoë x

  5. Wow those are some crazy colors love the styles xx

  6. Hey nice blog!!
    We love Pin up style!!
    we could follow each other!!


    Switch! <3

  7. WOW! i just love your hair in the first picture! good job, girl! you always look fantastic!

  8. very nice loved the fotinhas
    and hair


  9. How cool! I had no idea you worked there or that a place like that even existed! I have never seen a salon like that before. Wow. Must be so much fun.


  10. Your hair is divine, and how wonderful to love what you do! x

  11. I wish I would be able to do my hair like that!


  12. I love the black chunky heeled Mary-Jane shoes, I've been looking for ages for a pair but sadly to no avail.

    Love the blog
    Best Wishes

    India x