Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hair, a day in the life of.

1. A pretty simple style hair wise, all hair is smoothed in a bobble (you will need long hair to do this) and secured pretty much on the hairline. Tuck the ponytail underneath, smooth and pin. I was attending a Vintage evening so I adorned my bun with flowers, birds and butterflies!
2. Faux bob with Jedward style fringe (so my mum says). Inspired by Call the Midwife. An easy style, can hide your curls if they have started to drop, a perfect casual style to wear with my Freddies of Pinewood shirt!
3. Big faux bangs, the sides smoothed into two victory rolls at the side. Taken from this book. I have clipped the back bit with a barrette, but it can be left down also.
4.  A lovely rolled style taken from one of my favourite blogs; Bright Young Twins. 

So that's what my hair has been upto these past few days, what has yours been upto?

     Love as always, Lucille xx.


  1. Love all of these! I will for sure be trying some of them out. You're super lovely, as always. Also, totally making me miss my red hair.


  2. Ha! Just like Emma said, you are totally making me miss my red hair! :) You suit all those hairstyles! Pretty lady! ;) Zoë x

  3. A pessoa quando é chic não tem para ninguém, eufiquei apaixonada xom todos, mas o quemais gostei foi o último, me passou um ar romântico muito perfeito, parabéns.



  4. Love the bird, butterfly, flower pile up! You can nver have enough pretty things in your hair!! :) xoxo

  5. ahhh its so difficult doing perfect hair like yours. practice makes perfect!

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  7. I am loving the 'Jedward' look too at the moment- such a fresh, simple take on retro hair (and as you say, it hides a multitude of droops, roots and second day mess). I just love the look!