Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mrs.fox & the cat with the bow.

I can remember getting my first Tatty Devine piece of Jewellery. It was off a friend for my 18th birthday and was one of their kitsch name necklaces. It was black and plastic and I loved it. We all had ones in different gaudy colours and we thought we were the bees knees. Nowadays we have swapped our plastic name tags for slightly classier 'Carrie' style gold name jewellery. And we still are the bee knees. 
I still have my first name necklace safe in my earring case, and even though I don't wear it anymore it doesn't mean my love of Tatty Devine has been forgotten. Their brooches, necklaces and cuffs always have a theme. And I love a theme. Especially if it is an animal one.

My wonderful fella bought me my first Tatty Devine brooch; a tortoiseshell fox. She will join my collection of animal brooches- I gaining quite a zoo!
The kitten and her blue bow was a present to myself, my collection is lacking in felines!

I'm on the lookout for a panda to bring home with me!

   Love as always, Lucille xx.


  1. What a gorgeous collection. I want a Lea Stein brooch so badly. I am not massively well versed on TD, I shall check it out now.

  2. Such a cute collection.Love the cat and the lady with her poodle.Mr.Fox is just adorable.x

  3. A favourite shop of mine is www.sundaygirlaccessories.co.uk - a range of animal brooches (and other pretties!) and at a fraction of Tatty's prices!

    1. Ooh, I shall have to check that up, I too love animal brooches - and brooches in general, though I'm not big on Lea Stein. That fox is too cute!

  4. The fox! The cat! the poodle!! So great. I have one animal brooch only, a turtle with little green stones on its back, but I really need to add to that. Off to etsy!

  5. Those brooches are too cute! Love the blog :)

    Annest X