Monday, 11 July 2011

Roll up.

I'm as ginger as I'll ever be! 
I found myself contemplating with the idea of changing my locks to a pearly blonde after work on Saturday, but I adore being a flame haired vixen too much. I persuaded the lovely girls at the salon to give my hair a boost as we were quiet. They used a L'oreal colour, from the 'Majicontrast' range. Originally marketed for dark, resistant Asian type hair, it has bleach within it and lifts upto 2 shades whilst the colour develops. You're not actually meant to apply to the scalp, it's made for highlights. Stuff manufacturer's rules, I want bright orange hair! I even went under the heater too. 
And look L'oreal, look at my fluorescent barrel curls! 

Love as always, Lucille x.


  1. That hair color is awesome !
    Please keep it, don't go in the blond side of the force. ^^

  2. Blonde would look cute too, but I think being a red-head suits you perfectly

  3. Amazing :) I love that red, i think it's so saucy :)

  4. Yummiest hair colour ever methinks. I love the way it looks with greens and duck egg blues especially :D

  5. I love your red hair,dont change it.I went back to black last year and decided red is better and i have stripped it a number of tmes to get the black out and i still have dark ends.Wish I never had done it.Loreal has the best reds.They are vibrant just like i like.Your new red is gorgeous.xx

  6. i'm a ginger by choice, and i wouldn't have my hair any other color!! love your blog, you are so pretty!!
    <3 betty