Thursday, 7 July 2011

On the land.

Over-alls and red lips make lands girls the best kinda girls! Slowly collecting pretty blouses and dungarees to add to the working girls collection.
Got my stack of bangles on again. Mainly because I am trying to hide my Glastonbury band. It clashes with every single one of my outfits, yet I cannot bring myself to take it off.
Every Land Girl needs her own furry companion.

   Love as always, Lucille x


  1. Your very own Toto!!

    Everyone keeps their Glastonbury band on, my friend still has his own from last year. We keep threatening to cut it off! lol

  2. Awww i love how Inka is always perfectly matched to your outfit with her very own neck scarf! It's too adorable. And i love that green colour on you :D

  3. Love that shade of green.Your dog is so adorable.xx

  4. I was just looking at a field just like this, thinking it'd be perfect for a shoot! great minds lady ;) xxx

  5. Beautiful!

    Regards from Brazil!