Tuesday, 28 June 2011

You don't always need your swirls, girls.

I adore my swirls. I adore giving ladies beautiful swirls. But some days, you ain't in the mood for a swirl. Take today for example. I'm feeling slightly ruffled, and my fro does too. The curls are leftover from a pin curl style yesterday and have been taken out, ruffled, not brushed, pushed up and pinned in. Perfect for a day when you ain't feeling prim and proper.
And talkin' of hair, here is a sneak peak of when I was let loose on some beautiful girls locks...

   Love as always, Lucille x


  1. Still turned out cute. Love the color!

  2. Very nice :) Its great to do something unswirled every now and then ;)

  3. I love the hair, I've been doing this myself lately...not going to my usual rolls and doing something a tad different.. It's nice to change it up :)