Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's just Tough Cookies.

"We do what we want and we wear what we want, and if you don't like it then it's just Tough Cookies."
I came across Toni Macfarlane, well actually she came across me a few weeks ago. She stalked me, found out where I worked and dragged me to her flat to show me the threads she's has made for me and demanded I put them on right away.
That was all of course a big joke. I was very happy to help Toni when she told me about her project and asked me to model for her. I have respect for her for not following all the other students that seem to just make strange, alien clothes for alien girls. And anyway, Toni has a wickedly cool pair of spex.
After the photos me and Toni discussed working together in the future. It's always fun finding someone with the same interests as you. Toni has a few more projects coming up, so can make fabulous clothes and I shall create some fabulous hair to go with! Watch out!
We found this doorway. I love the colour of the mint green paintwork and pink pants together. Looks delicious huh?! The first photo is my favourite, you can see how the top ties together so nicely at the back. The headscarf I am wearing was made of some damn hot silk. Damn pricey too, the most expensive headscarf I've ever worn!

   Love as always, Lucille x


  1. I. LOVE. THIS. OUTFIT. The top! The pants! The head scarf! I'm sure both you and Toni were pleased with the results of this photo shoot. Great job, team!

  2. Adorable! Where you get your shoes from? xx.L

  3. You look fabulous! I adore that outfit.