Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New shoes, new curls.

Lucille slips on her new Keds, unrolls her freshly set hair and steps out into the garden for a few hours followed by her loyal friend Inka. Whilst Lucille was out furiously pulling pints all of the bank holiday weekend (in order to pay for those Keds), Inka was tucked up watching the Royal Wedding. On repeat. She is a great fan of the Queen, and couldn't wait to see what she was wearing on the big day.
Not really an outfit appropriate for a Royal Wedding. Sack Inka's stylist!

     Love as always, Lucille x


  1. I love the back of that dress and your hair looks great there too.

  2. Love the outfit, you can't beat a pair of Keds they are sooo comfy! Inka is as adorable as always!

  3. Just found your lovely blog and your Inka is so übercute! I think I have a dog crush. :-)

  4. Beautiful dress, love the cut it the back!
    And I believe Inka looks a bit like a lion, and thats quite royal to me ;)