Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dirty curls.

 Today I have dirty curls. Not dirty enough to wash, but not clean enough to have down. If you catch my drift. Well anyway, this style is perfect if you're having a hair day like mine. It's similar to a pony tail, but the curls are visible from the front. A softer look, something a little like this;
  • Brush hair back, keeping everything smoooooth. Use some pomade to help keep stray hairs in their place.
  • Grip the sides of hair a bit behind your ears. When using bobby pins, always use two and cross them over each other, making sure they don't slip out and ruin your style.
  • With the barette, place on top of the pony tail and use it to secure the loose hairs on top.
  • Keep the fringe down, loosely curled around your face. I've pinned mine into a swirl, but it also looks nice just left dangling.

Hope you enjoy!

Love as always, Lucille x.


  1. Very pretty! I wish I could grow my hair long enough to do it, but I always get to the point where I can't do anything with it!

  2. I like this idea - it would also be great on those occasions when I curl my hair but for reasons unknown it doesn't co-operate and I look more '70s Disco Diva than a Vintage Cutie!!

    Miss P xx

  3. This is a lovely simple style! I will definitely be trying this on post-curl hair. Thanks lady! xx

  4. Gorgeous hair style, might have to try this one out for the Blitz party next month! Lovely blog btw,x

  5. Lovely! And your hair color is pretty as well.

  6. Love it - so simple but effective.

  7. Along with dirty curl days, I use a similar style if my set, well, just kind of doesn't work out right. ;)

  8. Your hair is gorgeous. You make it look so easy~