Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bobcat Bop!

Two friends I have known from the Rockabilly circuit happened to pop into the salon yesterday. They were willing models for Victory rollin' and it was so nice to see them. I developed bag, shoe and denim dungaree envy whilst they got their hair done! Well, I was reminded how fun it used to be jivin' and strollin' with these gals. After deckin' myself out in stripes I limbered up for a night on the dancefloor. The Bobcats supplied the rhythms, and I was boppin' from then on! 

  Love as always, Lucille xx.


  1. That blouse is pretty freaking awesome!

  2. Such a pretty dress and looks like you had lots of fun....I have dress envy now! I am still trying to learn to make the victory rolls look right in my hair! Your blog is just so lovely and a pleasure to read! Have a fabulous day!
    May x

  3. Thats my favorite outfit.That skirt is amazing and the top super sexy.Hope you had fun.xx