Thursday, 8 March 2012

No Slobbin'

Recently it was requested that I was to attend one of our girly days at the Eden Hall Spa in 'slob clothes'. Eden Hall is beautiful, the sorta place you want to elegantly arrive in your best frock and glide around their gardens, sipping a G&T. How on earth can I be expected to dress down?? The panic started to set in.The words 'slob clothes' cannot be found in my vocabulary.....or more importantly my wardrobe. Not because I am a slob snob, I just don't feel comfy in comfy clothes. So I had ten minutes. I already had my hair stuffed into a headscarf and my normal makeup routine was stopped altogether- apart from a quick swipe of my eyebrow pencil. My poor bare lips, they feel dry and naked without rouge!!
I matched a cropped Freddies of Pinewood top with my headscarf, feeling pretty rockabilly. Then I braved my fear and slipped into a pair of black leggings. The worst fashion fad of the decade, a cop-out if  you ask me which should be restricted to the gym and banned from the highstreet. Leggings do not = a trouser. So I made sure I had a pair of thick, high waisted leggings, to look more like a pair of skinny jeans rather than a pair of tights!!
I couldn't spoil my carefully picked ensemble with a pair of chunky Nike's, so I quickly strapped myself into my red Rocket Originals. A Vintage cardi acted as my comfort blanket, I wear this one all the time. So if like me, you struggle to dress 'slobbish' and the very words give you chills, you still can, without actually looking like a slob!

I only ended up arriving and leaving in my outfit. I spent the rest of the day prancing and re-winding in my 1950's blue bather, feeling truly comfy. I noticed I was the only one there with fluffy slippers and a comb in their robe pocket....

Love as always, Lucille xx.


  1. You look very nice and I agree with you about the leggings is the disaster of this decade as the ugg boots as well :)

  2. You look so darling! Yesss, I hate leggins. When I did my student teaching, teachers would wear them as pants! I just didn't understand.


  3. You remind me of my mom. For her "slob clothes" entail a pair of jeans and flat shoes. It's really rare for her to not wear a dress or skirt.
    You look great.

  4. You look fab even in pseudo "slob" attire. I'm not usually a fan of leggings but sometimes they do the trick for me. I'm more a fan of well crafted legging attire like Lululemon's wonder unders. They're leggings but don't look like cheap leggings.

  5. :) hehe! I know what you mean, I hate wearing tracksuit bottoms to work out in! I have a pair of cropped thick leggings and they are ok, I pretend they are like skinny black cropped jeans from the 50' or something!!! But I need some cute gym shorts! :) You look braw in your ensemble! :)

    Zoë x

  6. I know exactly what you mean, leggings belong in the gym and no where else! I love how you've done your own take on the comfy style. I hope you had a fun day at the spa :)
    R xx

  7. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! LOVING those shoes!!

  8. You look so adorable! Love those shoes.

    I am writing you from france, I love your hair and your style. Too bad you are in England, don't know any hairdresser like you here!
    anyway I would like to know if you coud send me a picture or explain to me how is the back of you top as I am making one and I am wondering how to make the back.
    If you want to reply on my mail : .
    Thanks a lot

  10. Hello Jocelyne,

    So glad you are a fan of callmelucille. Which top would you like a photo of??

    Lucille xx

  11. hello Lucille,
    the top with red stripe the post is from april 8th . many thanks