Thursday, 22 November 2012

Who dropped the Flowerbomb?

I had spent the last few days on the East Coast visiting my boyfriend and partaking in the usual seaside fish & chip activities. On my return I found Inka sat at my dressing table next to a recent competition win from my new favourite company. A bottle of "Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf". She was eager I thanked the company and told you a little about them. (And photographed her, obviously) She had her mean face on her and can be quite forceful at times.

"Open it! Open it!"

'LittleBig' are the people I need to thank for my fragrance win. An online company offering what every anything your makeup bag desires, all at and I quote, "big brands, little prices". All competitions, new items and latest news conveniently pop up on your facebook newsfeed once you've given 'em a like.

 Your make up bag need never be empty ever again. 
I entered one of their Facebook competitions, came up trumps and days later Inka was barking at the postman and his LittleBig parcel.
 Competitions are posted pretty frequently, I plan on entering them all - in my opinion, a girl's dressing table can never be too full. And if I don't win any of them, I'm spending all my Christmas money there!
Oh and if what your looking for isn't on their facebook page, why not check their Amazon shop?
All links are at the bottom of the post.

Look how pretty the bottle looks on my dressing table. 

To me a good bottle = good contents. And as soon as I spray, my theory proves me right.

C'mon you, let's get dressed for walkies.

Click away ladies;

Send them a cheeky email if you wish to request a certain product;

Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. You and Inka are just wonderful! xxx

  2. I bought this a christmas prezzie for someone, its just darling isn't it?
    Love Lil x

  3. If you like FlowerBomb you may love SpiceBomb for men! And you would have such a chic little dog! Love it as usual!
    xoxo Lindsay

  4. My favorite perfume!!! Inka is just amazing. <3

  5. that bottle is so beautiful.even looks like it smells nice.Inka is so adorable.xx

  6. oh lovely dog