Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The blue bather.

Lucille & Buddy found themselves at a vintage fair on Sunday, they trotted off inside dreaming of the most beautiful clothes they have ever seen...
A gal from Lucille's burlesque class had a stall there, and pointed to the end of one of her rails. And there she was, hanging alone waiting to be pranced about in was the prettiest (tiniest) blue bathing suit Lucille had ever seen. She couldn't resist its white trim and front zipper. Off she went to try it on with a small hope that the bather wouldn't be too small for her shapely behind.
A quick lift of my dress and a flash of the zip and blow me! It fits!
A rare find if ever I saw one.

Love as always, Lucille x


  1. Isn't it??!
    I feel very lucky to own such a beautiful piece of the 50's!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lucille!
    It's PERFECT! You lucky girl you! And may i say, you totally rock it! Suits you so well, it may just have been made for you :)


  3. I adore your blog and I love this bathing suit! I'm hoping to find one (or 2!) at the local flea market this weekend..it's definitely getting close to summer here and I wanna be ready!