Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Oh, hairdresser woes.

 If there's one thing I dislike, it's chipped, chewed nails, and being one for ultimate glamour I had Gel nails put on about a year ago now. Oh how I loved them, they protected my nails, as they were constantly in water, and the Dita manicure I had lasted just around 4 weeks. If only I didn't have to keep up the expense that goes with maintaining your fake nails, so few weeks ago I made the painful decision to have them soaked off. I must be the only hairdresser without them.
 I kept disciplined, keeping them looking as good as possible. Trouble is with red polish, it's really obvious when one develops a chip. After years of red polish I decided to opt for a nude shade, to allow for a few chips here and there. My Dita manicure is now saved for special occasions!
The one I'm wearing and have been wearing is brilliant and takes around a week for it to chip. It's an OPI one in a shade called 'barefoot in barcelona'. Highly recommended for fellow poor hairdressers!
Love as always, Lucille x.


  1. Oh your like me a hair dressr in training!! oh yes!!! gels!! i need gels or i use shellac, (bc our hands are always in water!!) Do you like OPI Big Apple Red?? I love it!! I also like what you like too!!!

  2. Miss Amethyst, what's Shellac? How long have you been training?

  3. my cource is 9 months. Full time. So I've been doing this for 3 months. Its soo much fun!! I have allways wanted to do this eversince I was born ( doing hair) swoon!!!!! Shellac its the very first hybrid nail polish. CND has been trying to create this for 5 years it just came out. Its a gel, but brushes on like a nail polish. Once you cure the nail polish with the UV ray light (39 watts) its completly dry, and it last for 2 weeks, if your lucky a month! You should totally try i love it!! I have so much client request for it!! You can google it for more info:D

  4. I know, just can't wait until I qualify now. Should be around easter time.
    So this Shellac business, how do you remove it, with nail varnish remover? I've found some on ebay, how exciting!

  5. :D i know me too!!! im so excited for you!!! You can remove shellac with pure acetone and leave it on for 10 minutes, ( dont use the shellac remover pads) it does not work!!
    its pretty nifty!!

  6. Your new shade of nail polish is a winner. As an image consultant at we always tell clients to experiment with colors other than bright red.