Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Just one skirt.

After already breaking a resolution, I'm sticking to a new one. One of my friends used to find one of my dressing habits rather odd, and looking back it was a bit silly. I used to dress in outfits. For example; my yellow cardigan would be worn only with it's matching dress, I would not wear it with anything else.
On my measly trainee hairdresser wage, I cannot afford to do this anymore. I hope my friend will be proud of my skirt mixing with other tops!

Above photo worn with a beautiful angora sequined cardigan from Topshop. You'd never have guessed it!
Below photo with a Heyday black & white floral wrap top. Sadly most of these designs have sold out on her website.
Here's to my new resolution.

Love as always, Lucille x.


  1. Looks great both ways. Happy new year from Norway

  2. What a lovely outfits! You're so pretty:)
    Hugs and Kisses