Sunday, 12 December 2010

A grand date up North.

For my birthday present my wonderful boyfriend bought me a pair of tickets to go and see Arcade Fire. Best of all it was in Manchester. The city holds a special place in my heart- I lived there a few years ago now and am very fond of it.   
 Getting ourselves ready for the gig.
 I was so grateful of the mild weather, it meant I could show off my pin up girl Get Cutie skirt, without having to cover it up with a thick wintery coat.
After all the incredible live music, I took Christopher to my favourite hang out, Tiger Lounge. As we headed down the stairs into the underground jiving we were welcomed by a giant jungle themed painting of Bettie Paige stood between two leopards and wearing a hot leopard bikini. It's still my favourite.
It is home to the most splendid night, Your Mama's Cookin'. With entertainment such as Cake Baking competitions and LindyHop Lessons. Hosted by the lovely Lora Avedian & Johnny Walsh.

We shimmied, Christopher got called Buddy Holly, and we fantasied about everyone doing simultaneous dance routines with no pushing and shoving on the dance floor.
The interior was still as kitsch as I remember. Full of riki tiki ornaments, 50's pin ups and our favourite, tiger fur walls!

Unfortunately, it was time to head home. Arcade Fire were totally mind blowing. The imagery was enthralling, the band themselves were incredibly intense and the whole affair was down right dramatic. Regine Chassange's sequined outfit made her look like a Christmas Super hero!
My weekend was perfect.

Love as always, Lucille x.

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