Thursday, 7 March 2013

Inka in the studio.

If you read my latest interview by Katy of the glorious Vintage Wife Blog you would know that Inka was being taken to have her portrait snapped for her birthday. If you hadn't read it, I have just spoilt the surprise. 
But go read! 

Luna Photography is founded by fellow friend, client and Photographer. She is used to working with big named Pin Ups such as Franki Wilde, Anna Fur Laxis, Havanna Hurricane and Missy Malone, but with her love of cute canines she opened the doors of her studio to offer a bespoke portrait service for our beloved four legged friends.

We had fun trotting trough town, armed with Inka's favourite scarves and her favourite poses ready to bust out infront of the camera. This was us post shoot, I let Inka ride on my lap all the way home which was naughty but I just couldn't help it.
So I guess you want to see the finished snaps?

She was so well behaved. I don't know if it was Emma's excellent way she is dogs, or if she was just showing off.
So if Inka's portraits aren't enough to send you leaping to book your furry friend in for a session, take a look at the other Pooches that got papped in the studio....

I urge you to book in your pet. Visit the Luna Photography website and get your pooch hung up on your wall! 

 Love as always, Lucille xx


  1. Inka was such a sweetheart and so well behaved!
    Thank you for this blog post xxx

  2. Too cute! Totally brightened my morning at the office ;-)

  3. How fabulous! Thanks for the mention :) Inka looks a darling a complete natural infront of the camera!


  4. Inka breaks my heart everytime! xx

  5. So cuuuuuuute! I love the blue background photo!! x

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