Friday, 2 December 2011

Cardigan to the rescue!

Y'know when a dress just needs a certain somethin'?
This Vivien of Holloway summer dress has been hanging dormant in my wardrobe for too long. I just couldn't find anything to wear with the pink gingham. It wasn't until this beautiful blue lace cardigan arrived from Ebay to rescue her from a life stuck in my wardrobe. 

   Love as always Lucille xx


  1. Lovely outfit! I love the combination of red and blue.

  2. this is so frickin amazing
    you embody lucille ball
    i wish i could have an afternoon with you eating chocolate and drinking coke out of glass bottles and bike riding

    this is gorgeous

  3. Nice combination of two very different elements—color, texture, and style complement each other very well. And your hair, well, have you ever heard of the Leningrad Cowboys? *wink*

  4. what a lovely dress and I agree that little cardi goes perfect.I just love your necklace.Did you get it specially made or is there a site to get one from.I have been wanting one for ages.xx

  5. Beautiful! Your blog is amazing!

  6. Can't beat a perfect cardy! Just tried to send you an email about a sneaky little project I have in the pipeline but it bounced back :( What's the best email address to use? x

  7. Beautiful look pin-up!!!