Saturday, 9 July 2011

Crisis cooking.

Don't worry, there is no good friend Darren over at Crisis Tattoo has helped to design me the hottest, burlesque tat you ever did see. So in return I told him I would bake him a cake. A lemon one.
Go check him out. He knows his shit.

I do love baking in my fluffy slippers.

   Love as always, Lucille x


  1. Your earrings are so cute! I love that syle of them, but I've never seen them in that color combo before!

  2. Yummmm.That cake looks delicious.I love lemon cake,especially with butter creme icing.Your scarf is so pretty.xx

  3. I LOVE your slippers! Whenever I try to cook with Lemon it all goes horribly wrong :( Gutting as the bf adores lemon! You don't happen to have the recipe do you? It looks lovely none the less!