Monday, 9 May 2011

Her Debut.

That beautiful dress on the wall that was waiting to be worn finally got her debut. Her durability was tested with some vigarous dance moves (hence the sweaty fringe and floppy hand) and I'm pleased to tell you she passed. I wore her with chunky pearls and summer sandals. Everybody loved her. Hurrah!
And you see that ring on my finger? It's a cake on a plate!
Also making it's debut this last week was a very much needed 'wind protector'. I can no longer put up with the ferocious winds, letting my 'do suffer. So, taking inspiration from those movies stars in soft top cars, I go out with a scarf of my 'ead. In a totally fashionable way of course.
Preparing to face the wednesday winds.
My dad says I look like a gypsy, but, if it saves my barnet from the destruction of high speed gails, then I do not give a damn.
One last thing before I go. Take a look at my sister blog:
I have upload some new items ready for adoption.
Get them before Inka decides to keep them for herself! Be sure to become a follower, to stay upto date with new adoptees! 

  Love as always, Lucille x


  1. Love your wind prevention ensemble! x

  2. That scarf looks magnificent!

  3. This is where I would make a pun about your look blowing me away but I might hold off