Friday, 21 January 2011

A trail of rouge.

With the discontinuation of my most perfect lipstick (boo hoo sob sob) I have had to be adorning my smackers with a regular 'stick. I was dreading the day when Maybelline got rid of their 18 hour lip stain. And that day has come. The kind lady in boots informed me that Maybelline are re-releasing the lip stain in a few weeks. Hallelujah!
I actually really enjoy the routine of putting lipstick on. Liner, lipstick, blot, reapply, blot, beautiful.
Trouble is, I am not used to being careful whilst being red lipped. I'm so used to not worrying about leaving red kisses on everything I touch. So, I apologise to anything that comes in contact with my lips for the next few weeks!

Love as always, Lucille x.


  1. I have never suffered the pain of losing a favourite lipstick - yet! But it's fun trying on different shades!

  2. I recently had the same try to get another shade but its just not the same. At least your shade came back I'm happy for you =)