Friday, 12 November 2010

Luscious non-human Ladies.

Ever since watching Fantastic Mr.Fox, I have come to realise that there are some nicely dressed characters on the TV. Forget those trashy celebrities, I'd rather take fashion inspiration from these Luscious non-human Ladies;

The darling Mrs.Fox. Sweetheart of Fantastic Mr.Fox.

Va-Va-Voom! That famous femme fatal, The Caramel Bunny. Cadburys answer to Marilyn Monroe in Rabbit form.

Wilma & Betty; the caveman's pinup.

This fruity idol is Chiquita the Bannana.The voice of Chiquita belongs to Monica Lewis. She is still alive and is 89 can you believe! Produced by Disney studios in the 1940s, this commercial only appeared in movie theaters.

And finally, quite possibly my favourite (well I am biased!) my Dog Inka. Even though she hasn't yet appeared on the television I couldn't leave her out of this post. Look at her neckscarf, it matches her cupcake!
Love as always, Lucille x.

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